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Open Water/Riserless Subsea Well Intervention System

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As the ageing subsea well stock continues to grow, operators are seeking more efficient intervention solutions to maximise and extend existing production. Applications which require only the delivery of fluids to a reservoir or flowline such as acid stimulation, scale squeeze, and flushing may be accommodated for using an open-water hydraulic access (OWHA) system. When …

Integrated Crew Services: All you need to know

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Hiring the right professionals with the right expertise is the foundation of every company’s success. Considering this, in an industry as competitive as oil and gas, having the right experience at the right time is critical. Finding the right professionals when and where they are needed takes time and expertise, which is where GET Global …

Digitalization In The Oil And Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Jobs

It has never been convenient for the oil and gas industry. The price of each barrel of oil that enters the market determines one’s fortune. With every layoff and loss suffered during low oil prices, the industry looks forward to the eventual increase in the price of oil in order to make investments that will …

Top Skills Requirements In The Oil And Gas Industry

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The oil industry is evolving constantly and what is after 2021 will never be the same as what was before 2021. The oil and gas industry is changing at a quick pace and if the industry is growing so fast, how about you? Are you keeping up with the change or staying the same old …

New Technology in Drilling Services

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The Drilling business of the energy sector has changed beyond recognition, in keeping up with the advances in other industries. Advances in well drilling and completion technology have allowed the energy industry to tap into new supplies of oil and natural gas to fulfil expanding global demand. By allowing more oil and gas to be …

Blended Learning Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry

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There are a lot of workers, who work in the oil and gas industry, all across the globe. It marks its roots to employing a diverse community of people in oil and gas careers with a wide range of skill sets in scientific, management, technological, and organisational positions, as well as back office support. Blended …

Get Global Group Assurance Towards Health And Safety Of Its Crew Members

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It is no secret that the workers in the oil and gas industry are at higher risk than the workers in the other industries. Since most of the operational environments, chemicals, and end products associated with Oil and Gas production are well-known to pose significant safety and health risks to personnel, Health & Safety management …



Recently, we have seen that the online training platforms have acted as the foundation brick to up skill and cross train for the population at large. At GET Global Group, we believe that harnessing advanced technology allows learners to access the virtual world of knowledge and insights. The current situation calls for the existing energy …

An Update From The GET Global Group For The Year 2021

Oil and Gas Jobs

A lot of industries are facing trouble to conduct business amidst the pandemic. Keeping in mind the span of the coronavirus pandemic, in no small measure, conducting smooth processes to realign with business will face a dramatic change. Talking particularly about the oil and gas industry, it has experienced shocks with demand contraction and exceeding …

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