October 9, 2019

How to become a GET Crew Member

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Oil and Gas is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world that employs more than a million people across the globe.  GET works to provide reliable solutions to the leading companies working in the Oil and Gas sector, in terms of talent acquisition and employee training.


GET Global Group is a leading name that provides skills and expertise to the Oil and Gas Industry. With an experience of over 10 years in Upstream Oil and Gas Services, we are a team of 5000 on-call global technical team and 1800 field crew members.


Through Integrated Crew Services (ICS), GET fulfill the requirement of experts on demand. Our key services include providing expert crew members for the Upstream Oil & Gas industry in operations, maintenance & engineering with an assurance of technical performance.


Benefits of Being a GET Crew Member –


  • Work with the world’s leading oil companies like Halliburton, Baker Hughes, ONGC, bp and more
  • Flexible scheduling to match your availability
  •  Technical Training to become an expert in your Job


How to Become a GET Crew Member


As experienced Industry professionals, we strive to create a perfect balance between the requirements of a company and the expertise of a professional.


To become a GET Crew Member


  1.  Keep a check on Job Posting


We keep on updating the latest job requirements on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms. Following these will give an insight into the ongoing requirements of the Industry and keep you updated.



Final candidates are selected after a two-step procedure of CV review and technical interview and are further classified according to their level of expertise.


How to draft your CV


1)      CV Format – A CV is an insight into your qualifications, skills, and expertise. Thus, it is advisable to customize your CV according to the requirements of the job you are applying for.


2)     Simple and Short – Keep your CV Concise and to-the-point. It helps in scrutinizing your skills and has a better chance of it getting selected.


3)      Informative – Include all the basic information, like contact details, past experience, skills and educational qualification in the CV.


Once your CV is selected, you will have to go through a technical interview round.


What to expect in a Technical Interview


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Technical Interview is an assessment of your skills and expertise in the applied domain. Since Oil and Gas Industry offers mostly field jobs, your problem-solving skills are as important as your knowledge.


1)      Basic knowledge of the Industry – You should be well-versed with the basics of the industry including the procedures and terminologies. Eg, if you are applying for the position of CT Supervisor, you must have a sound knowledge of CTU, Chiksons, Butterfly valves, Hamer valves, Treating equipment, C-pumps etc.


2)    Good Communication Skill – Good communication is key to smooth processes in every field. You must possess good communication skills so as to be able to perform your job efficiently and effectively.


3)      Problem Solving Ability – Oil and Gas is a dynamic industry and requires quick thinking. You should be able to take instant decisions in case of an emergency.


4)      Knowledge of HSE – Health and Safety Environment policies are an important aspect of the Oil and Gas Industry today. A deep knowledge of the process will add value to your CV.


At GET, we believe in upskilling at every stage and it starts right at the beginning. We offer training and consultation to help candidates prepare better for the technical interview. For consultation and training for the interview, reach us out at aposwal@getglobalgroup.com If you are a professional working in the Oil and Gas Industry or aspire to build a career in this industry, become a part of GET Global Group and give wings to your career. Send your resumes on resume@getglobalgroup.com now!


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