GET Global Group leverages its deep industry expertise to decades of global experience across the energy spectrum to provide technical and commercial solutions. As a trusted outsourcing partner for the oil and gas industry, we have been providing innovative solutions and guidance across the energy spectrum for more than two decades.

Our technical consulting solutions help to overcome technical and commercial challenges across the energy spectrum, including:

Oil Field Development

Developing an oilfield is a highly complex process requiring huge investments. Because of the risks, the complexities and the sheer magnitudes of the investment involved, it is important to work with a team that has international experience in evaluating and developing oil fields. Get Global Group provides specialized technical consulting services for the oil and gas sector, including geophysics, geology, production engineering, reservoir engineering, drilling engineering, and the most up to date techniques, procedures and tools throughout the lifecycle from exploration to abandonment.

Capacity Building

Our global operations and many years of experience have enabled us to offer tailored Oil and Gas Industry Training courses – in addition to focus on softer skills such as teamwork, career development, performance management, conflict resolution.

Exploration Strategy

We offer independent, mission-critical technical consulting expertise to the energy exploration and production, including technical support for a wide range of exploration activities. Our exploration strategy covers the complete spectrum – Technical reviews and recommendations on petroleum systems, exploration and appraisal planning, well proposals and evaluations, through to exploration license evaluation and resource estimations.


We have partnered with enterprises in the oil and gas sector, helping them address their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. We have devised and implemented a proven model that helps us to assess and implement all aspects of ESG governance contributing to the greater good while also attracting ongoing investment and talent, and driving sustainable growth.

We have extensive experience in assessing and providing solutions across the multiple facets of ESG:

Our value proposition for technical consulting services

Value Proposition

Technical Solutions, Engineering, Sub-Surface solutions that assist Oil & Gas corporations and Oil Field Service providers in various aspects of operations

The GET Global Group Advantage

  • Sub-surface consulting including field development plans
  • Engineering advisory services for the key upstream areas

Technical Solutions including Sub-Surface modelling and Well Engineering

Independent and world-class technical advisory, evaluation and engineering to support field development plans, well construction & intervention.

Sub-surface modelling & Well Engineering

World Class team with a mix of global and MENA based knowledge and experience

GET’s online collaboration tools used as basis for interaction and delivery

Operationally practical unbiased advice allowing client options on deciding next steps

Mix of onsite-and offsite delivery providing cost efficiency

Technical software utilized, as required

Milestone and KPI based delivery process

Client Benefits

  • Access industry-driven and industry-approved development programs for the upstream oil and gas workforce delivered either as virtual or classroom training.

  • Mix and match the benefits you are interested in and based on your individual specifications we will supply you with a tailored offering.

  • Save time, money and travel hassles with our on- or off-site technical coaching and mentoring while also benefitting from a personalized training experience.

  • Our end-to-end training management approach ensures that we take care of all aspects of the training while you focus on growing your business.

Providing Expertise required for project delivery

GET’s approach is placed to provide the requisite talent and specialized project management expertise and local knowledge. Together with training capabilities and access to vendors, we offer flexible outsourcing solutions integrating technology, services, and resources that supplement existing teams. We can also manage the entire project end-to-end, thereby lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing non-productive time.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Ensuring all the key equipment, spares and supplies are available for operations at the right time and at the right price is essential to running an efficient drilling/workover/intervention campaign. GET’s VMI solution provides all the expertise, process, and systems to ensure that the correct inventory is available at the right time with assurance of cost efficiency.

Combination of GET Core Services Which Delivers IPD

IPD Provides End-to-End Solutions

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