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It goes without saying that of all the factors that go into the mix, trained and motivated field staff is the most important determinant of service quality.
There is a whole host of support functions (HR, admin, legal, accounts, HSE) required to manage and support the staff. There are third party costs (travel, visas, medical, insurances, training) and deferred costs (end-of- service benefits), and the eternal challenge of having the right skills available on call.
Integrated crew service is a turnkey service providing operations and maintenance crews with assurance of technical performance for the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. Our highly customizable, flexible and comprehensive solution covers the entire human resource lifecycle from identifying and recruiting to training and deployment, in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Service Features:

  • Turnkey deployment and management of O&M crew onsite
  • Backed by offsite technical team providing mentoring and technical support
  • Logistics, HSE and emergency response managed by on-ground project team
GET’s Integrated Crew Services internalizes all aspects of sourcing, developing, deploying and managing qualified field and maintenance crew and packages them into a fixed rate turnkey service. And like any service, it is backed up with an assurance of quality and service level guarantees. Which means your operations can count on having the right person with the right competencies available to perform at your wellsite or yard at a predictable cost when you need them. No stacks of paperwork or internal processes or invoices from dozens of vendors. The “plug-and-play” model ensures that our clients have the optimal resources for their operations – no more and no less.

Value Proposition

Turnkey service providing operations, maintenance & engineering crews with assurance of technical performance and fully project managed on-ground deployment.

The GET Global Group Advantage

  • Assurance of performance -“no performance, no pay”
  • Fully supported by GET back-office technical team
  • On-going training on an online Learning Management System

Providing Expertise required for project delivery

GET’s approach is placed to provide the requisite talent and specialized project management expertise and local knowledge. Together with training capabilities and access to vendors, we offer flexible outsourcing solutions integrating technology, services, and resources that supplement existing teams. We can also manage the entire project end-to-end, thereby lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing non-productive time.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Ensuring all the key equipment, spares and supplies are available for operations at the right time and at the right price is essential to running an efficient drilling/workover/intervention campaign. GET’s VMI solution provides all the expertise, process, and systems to ensure that the correct inventory is available at the right time with assurance of cost efficiency.

Combination of GET Core Services Which Delivers IPD

IPD Provides End-to-End Solutions