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Integrated Maintenance Solutions

Integrated Maintenance Solution is an essential tool for upstream oil and gas companies to optimize production without compromising operating safety. Operating in the upstream sector carries a unique set of considerations. Exploring in ultra-deep waters and working with higher temperatures and pressures requires increasing innovation and new technologies, operational efficiency, and strong risk management processes. It is here that we, at Get Global Group, can help. We not only strive to provide a seamless maintenance service, but also ensure that the equipment integrates seamlessly into the designated production objectives. Supported by our global network of experienced technical, management and field staff, and qualified and audited vendors, we are your one stop shop for inspection, maintenance and repair services for

Providing Expertise required for project delivery

GET’s approach is placed to provide the requisite talent and specialized project management expertise and local knowledge. Together with training capabilities and access to vendors, we offer flexible outsourcing solutions integrating technology, services, and resources that supplement existing teams. We can also manage the entire project end-to-end, thereby lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing non-productive time.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Ensuring all the key equipment, spares and supplies are available for operations at the right time and at the right price is essential to running an efficient drilling/workover/intervention campaign. GET’s VMI solution provides all the expertise, process, and systems to ensure that the correct inventory is available at the right time with assurance of cost efficiency.

Combination of GET Core Services Which Delivers IPD

IPD Provides End-to-End Solutions


Downhole Tools

Workshop services

Tank maintenance services

Frac tanks, acid transporters and nitrogen tanks are extensively used in Oil and Gas upstream operations to temporarily hold liquids, such as water, completion, stimulation or drilling fluids. Like other useful well service equipment, these tanks become extremely soiled, and prone to damage, and require regularly inspection, cleaning, repair and maintenance.

Our tank maintenance services include:

  • Inspection (Visual, MPI, Spark test, Hydro test, Lifting points, Wall thickness test)
  • Cleaning (Confined space entry using BA set, Internal cleaning by hydro jetting, Waste disposal using Super Sucker/Vacuum truck)
  • Repair (Relining of corrosion protective lining for tank and manifold, welding repairs on tank, repair/replacement of hatches, gaskets, valves, railings, etc.)
  • Calibration/recertification (Calibration of Pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges and PRVs of Nitrogen tanks)

Downhole Tools Maintenance Services

With its strategic partnerships across continents, GET Global Group supports upstream oil and gas operations with single-source service and repair capabilities for all types and sizes of downhole tools. Our team of technicians is available worldwide to deliver inspection and maintenance services to help keep drilling projects online and on-budget.

GET Global Group offers maintenance services for tools like-

The following procedures are followed during the Downhole Tools Maintenance Services

Visual inspection

To find surface defects of threads and metal parts that could arise during equipment assembly and operation, such as mechanical damage, thread defects, cracks, equipment configuration, and unfastening of screw threads.

Instrumental inspection

The examination aims to identify if details and assembly units dimensions currently used comply with regulations and specifications; and to evaluate damage tolerance of defects found after visual control.

Maintenance and replacement

The downhole motors maintenance and replacement services and procedures are conducted according to service manuals worked out for each motor type.

Workshop maintenance services

Get the peace of mind you deserve from our industry experts. From technical inspections to repair and maintenance for Oil and Gas Project Management, our highly responsive team provides you with options that are customized to meet your short-term and long-term workshop fabrication and maintenance services.

Our qualified and audited vendors oversee each phase of the workshop maintenance service from initial approval to completion, allowing you to run your operations smoothly and efficiently. Achieve maximum value from your offshore assets by minimizing downtime. We get the job done fast – without interfering with your operations.

Our workshop maintenance services




Calibration and recertification

Vehicle service and maintenance

Electrical maintenance

Engine service & repairs

Hydraulic hoses replacement

Hydraulic maintenance & repairs

Frac tank maintenance

Radiator service and repairs

Flange machining and recertification

A/C repairs

Inspection services


Miscellaneous services

The GET Global Group Advantage

Fully or partly outsource the maintenance of your assets, without compromising operating safety or losing control of your assets.

Lower costs and improve efficiencies and downtimes.

Budget flexibility – pay only for the services you need, only when you need them.

Achieve significant savings.

Increase return on your assets.

Access to sophisticated asset/equipment management systems, personnel and procedures.

Reduce the need to hire and train specialized staff or bring in engineering expertise from the outside.

Reduce capital expense and achieve better control of operating costs.

Our oil and gas resources are highly qualified, professional and cost-efficient. We adapt to your needs through hassle-free up and down-scaling.

Access to our “Get Crew App”, the world's only Oil and Gas Jobs App specially designed to help build careers by managing Oil and Gas Job Vacancies as a smooth and streamlined job search tool.

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