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  • We aim to prevent all accidents, incidents, and injuries.
  • We demonstrate QHSE leadership, accountability and commitment from all Functional Heads, Managers and Employees.
  • We provide high quality services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and aim for continual improvement in all areas of our operations.
  • We will adhere to all relevant national and international laws and regulations.
  • Zero fatalities
  • High Quality Service to our customers satisfying their requirements.


In GET, Quality is core to enabling and realizing our vision of becoming the most valued and significant company providing sustainable and innovative services and solutions to the Energy sector. We believe that the deployment of quality management and quality assurance systems are effective enablers for our company to achieve customer satisfaction and culture for customer success.

Establishing and maintaining an effective quality management system and ensuring compliance with applicable legislation, regulatory requirements, and industry standards pertaining to the quality and performance of services in all geographies we operate in.


In GET we ensure the health and safety of our employees, including vendors/contractors, consultants, and members of the public who may be affected by its operations at all global locations; and is responsible for providing an overall health and safety management system framework.

We always Comply fully with applicable statutory, regulatory, legal, and other requirements related to services rendered by our company.

Continual improvement in occupational health and safety management and performance through proactive measures and the effective monitoring and revision of policies, procedures, and objectives that govern health and safety on an ongoing basis.


GET is fully committed to conducting business in such a manner that will protect the environment and minimize environmental pollution in all the operational geographies.

We ensure proper waste management practices such as recycling of waste, separate waste storage facilities and put waste disposal containers in all business units.


GET is an employee-focused organization where our employees’ Health and Safety are our topmost priority. All GET senior management, all geography employees and crew members are empowered and expected to stop the work of themselves, colleagues, and engaged external parties if any person’s safety or work environment is at risk. We highly encourage our crew members and employees to use the Stop work authority while working when there is a risk to themselves or to their colleagues.

GET Employees are empowered to raise Stop cards if any situation arises in the workplace due to unsafe action or behavior, or unsafe condition, and if such a situation were permitted to continue it may potentially lead to a severe accident.


GET provides a safe and healthy working environment and recognizes that this may be jeopardized by those who misuse drugs and /or substances within the working environment, or in a way that may affect themselves or others.

Our policy reflects the global requirements of GET clients across Oil and Gas industries as well as road Traffic Legislations and all other relevant Legislative regulations and Socio-Cultural aspects applicable to the global operations of the company.


GET is committed to the well-being and safety of its employees. We understand that the identification and management of situations where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or the lack thereof, may impact the health or safety of everyone.

Our Policy addresses general PPE requirements, including eye and face, head, hearing, foot, leg, hand and arm, body protection, respiratory protection, and Fall Protection. Understanding that there is a direct correlation between accidents and PPE, GET requires that all business services and site locations implement and maintain the following directive for all employees.