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Embark on a new era of energy efficiency with GET Global Group’s On-Demand Energy Service (ODES)


ODES is a visionary approach, integrating diesel generators with cutting-edge solar photovoltaic systems to create a hybrid power solution. Our commitment to decarbonization drives the construction and maintenance of customized solar plants. With expertise spanning artificial lift, EPF, and camps, ODES ensures a comprehensive energy strategy. The hybrid power system, incorporating both fixed and mobile solar PV along with diesel generators, guarantees flexibility and reliability. Our switching mechanism, designed and engineered with precision, optimizes power factors, ensuring maximum efficiency. Join us in reshaping the energy landscape and embracing a sustainable future with GET Global Group and ODES.

On-Demand Energy Service (ODES) stands at the forefront, innovatively integrating state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions with robust diesel generators (DG). Our hybrid approach isn’t just about smart energy utilization—it’s about propelling forward our vision of a sustainable, decarbonized future.


Service Highlights


OFS Knowledge: Mastery in Artificial Lift, Electric Submersible Pump (ESP), and Camp Solutions.

Hybrid Power: Harness the sun’s power with our dynamic Solar PV systems, available in both stationary and mobile configurations, complemented by reliable DGs for uninterrupted energy supply.

Switching Mechanism: Our bespoke designs are engineered for resilience and installed with precision. We optimize power factors to ensure peak efficiency, delivering a seamless energy experience tailored to your operational demands.

Advantages With Us

GET Global Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions

Benefit from customized Oil and Gas Industry Training courses, including crucial soft skills like teamwork and conflict resolution.

GET Global Group's vast global operations bring diverse experience, enriching technical consulting services.

Access mission-critical support for a range of exploration activities, from petroleum systems to license evaluations.

Providing Expertise required for project delivery

GET’s approach is placed to provide the requisite talent and specialized project management expertise and local knowledge. Together with training capabilities and access to vendors, we offer flexible outsourcing solutions integrating technology, services, and resources that supplement existing teams. We can also manage the entire project end-to-end, thereby lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing non-productive time.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Ensuring all the key equipment, spares and supplies are available for operations at the right time and at the right price is essential to running an efficient drilling/workover/intervention campaign. GET’s VMI solution provides all the expertise, process, and systems to ensure that the correct inventory is available at the right time with assurance of cost efficiency.

Combination of GET Core Services Which Delivers IPD

IPD Provides End-to-End Solutions