GET’s Localization Training Programs in UAE

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What is localization?

Localization refers to the process of adapting and transforming content to suit local mandates and to resolve the cultural and technical issues that may arise from non-natives working on a project in another country. Let’s illustrate this with an example from the oil and gas industry. Companies operating in this sector generally have projects in countries such as America, Europe, Asia, and the MENA region. Now, each country is different from the other in terms of culture and technical knowledge. Content localization therefore goes beyond just translating content into a different language; it involves weaving in the local culture and sensibilities in order for the crew to respect and blend in with the local communities while also ensuring that operating firms meet local mandates and compliance.

Are you looking for an oil and gas job in Dubai or an oil and gas career in the UAE in the oil and gas industry? As a crew member of GET, before sending you out to these locations, we will first equip you with the necessary skills and localization training to ensure that you fit in with the local communities and work together cohesively with the locals as well as the globalized teams.

Why the need for localization training?

Localization Training Programs

The volatility in oil and gas prices over the past years has severely disrupted both national and international companies in countries worldwide, including the Middle East and North America (MENA) regions. This disruption has prompted a shift in focus towards developing and implementing cost-reduction solutions for oil and gas companies to survive in the market and remain competitive. One such cost-reduction strategy is content localization, an effective means for capacity building and utilizing human capital in partnership with local organizations. To provide jobs to their local populations, several countries have enacted local content laws that require foreign oil and gas companies to utilize some amount of local labour, material, and services in their business functions.


GET localization training

GET localization training for the oil and gas industry is not limited to training its crew members for job opportunities in different countries, for example, oil and gas jobs in Qatar or oil industry jobs in Abu Dhabi. Rather, it also prepares the natives for oil and gas jobs in their respective countries. For example, for oil and gas recruitment in Qatar, our technical training teams provide relevant training to the local youths to prepare them for careers in the oil and gas industry in Qatar. So, as part of the localization training, we also help to build a local workforce that can form a competitive human resource base for the oil and gas industry. Our localization training therefore involves the development of local skills, the use of local human resources and local manufacturing, and oil and gas energy transfer.

In sum, the localization training for the oil and gas industry prepares a local workforce for careers in the oil and gas industry, creates revenues for local companies and equips them to operate at an international competitive level of performance, facilitates the transfer of know-how and technology, and creates jobs for the local population; for example, it prepares locals for oil and gas jobs in Kuwait, or similarly, prepares the natives of Dubai for oil and gas jobs in Dubai. Finally, our localization training also helps to reduce the need for a significant expatriate workforce.

Benefits of localization training by GET

Whether you are a domestic or international oil and gas sector company, GET, a leading consultancy for the upstream oil and gas industry, can help you with your localization training needs and ensure you have the right talent fit for your project.

We also offer localization training to our crew members to prepare them for oil and gas careers abroad, so if you are looking for oil and gas careers in Dubai or oil and gas jobs in the UAE, we can help you build the relevant technical and localization skills.

A large amount of content is constantly being created for the oil and gas sector, which covers compliance regulations, health and safety, and technical and legal documentation. With Get Global as your localization training partner, you can be sure that the new knowledge is translated into the local languages to meet local government requirements.

Our instructors and linguists are well-versed in local market terminology and practices and have the necessary knowledge of international regulatory requirements. Health and safety, legal, and regulatory compliance training is integral to our local content courses. All training materials are provided in the native language. Our qualified interpreters deliver such training. We also train local youths in soft skills such as presentation skills so that they can function effectively in globalized teams.


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