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In the oil-rich landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the oil and gas industry plays a crucial role in fostering significant growth and progress in the economy. However, beneath the gleaming skyscrapers and lively city scenes lies an array of obstacles that challenge the sustainability of this industry. The only solution to overcome this is to require effective oil and gas workforce solutions in the UAE. Approximately 39% of oil and gas companies are planning to expand their workforce, aiming to capitalize on the favorable market conditions and to meet the growing demand for energy resources. This expansion is crucial to maintaining and enhancing operational efficiency and project execution. ​In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the oil and gas workforce in the UAE, exploring its basics. Let us start by understanding its meaning, benefits, and reason for the need for workforce solutions.

What is Manpower Supply?

Manpower Supply occurs when companies look for an agency that can provide a team of specialists to carry out tasks at project sites. As you know, having improper workforce planning can affect your growth and efficiency. Hence, opting for workforce solutions proves to be an apt choice. 

Many companies offer this service and are responsible for helping the business by equipping their team with experts. They quickly make workers available to the companies as per their requirements!

This service encompasses subcategories, including Electrical, Civil, and Support staff. Each employee has responsibilities aligned with their industry. The top-notch company specializes in providing oil and gas workforce solutions in the UAE. Their skilled teams guarantee workforce selection to support your project needs. This service aims to assist you in addressing any staffing shortages you may encounter.

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) has emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion within the industry. By 2025, there is a collective goal to enhance workforce diversity and inclusivity, addressing existing gaps and ensuring the industry is representative of the communities it serves. This initiative aims to attract and retain a diverse talent pool, which is essential for the industry’s sustainable growth​.

Need for Oil and Gas Workforce Solutions in the UAE

Employees play a role in the success of any organization and its day-to-day operations. Their dedication and hard work contribute significantly to achieving the company’s objectives within deadlines. Without a team, businesses struggle to deliver quality products/services or complete projects successfully.

A workforce supply is essential to ensure that projects progress smoothly regardless of any challenges. Maintaining production levels while adhering to schedules is paramount for business success. Having access to individuals allows companies to manage their resources effectively while meeting project requirements. To find the right oil and gas workforce solutions in the UAE, carefully assessing your project needs is vital. This approach enables decision-making and empowers employment agencies to match you with candidates.

Engaging services can alleviate the burden on your existing team, leading to higher performance levels. They also facilitate project completion within specified deadlines.

Advantages of Workforce Solutions

There are benefits associated with oil and gas workforce solutions in the UAE:

Cost Effective Solution

Manpower Supply offers a budget-friendly and efficient means of addressing large-scale labor demands. You don’t need to spend time searching for workers to keep the project moving. The top agency will handle this for you entirely. Ensure the services fit your budget while receiving the hands-on assistance your project needs.

Addressing Staff Shortages

At times, many of your on-site employees may be absent or unable to work. In these situations, it’s crucial to keep operations running smoothly to meet project deadlines.

That’s where Manpower Supply comes in as a solution. Not only can you access workers for important tasks, but you’ll also have support from unskilled helpers who can efficiently tackle smaller duties and aid other team members.

Reducing Hiring Risks

With reliable workers provided by the agency, you won’t have to fret about hiring unreliable individuals. The reputable workforce solutions in UAE ensure that all workers listed on our platform are hires. Teams conduct security and background checks on all workers to verify their credibility. They will ensure that the necessary number of workers are available and ready to start working as scheduled.

Boosting Your Flexibility and Reach

Maintaining a team on standby can guarantee the smooth progress of your project. You can benefit from professionals collaborating with your team by seeking oil and gas workforce solutions in the UAE. This approach not only aids in meeting deadlines but also streamlines scheduling to prevent delays. Furthermore, these teams are dedicated to optimizing payroll negotiations to secure the rates for you.

Challenges in the Oil and Gas Workforce

Working in the oil and gas industry can be quite demanding. Today, let’s delve into the issues that professionals in this field are grappling with in the UAE.

There’s a shortage of workers. Essentially, there is a lack of individuals possessing the expertise to meet the industry’s demands effectively.

Moreover, there’s a concern related to age. Many experienced veterans in the oil and gas industry are approaching retirement, indicating a knowledge and experience gap that could emerge.

Let’s not forget about technology! While new tools and technologies can enhance efficiency, they also necessitate everyone to adapt and learn skills. It’s like a two-way street, presenting challenges alongside opportunities.

Solutions for Overcoming Workforce Challenges

Let’s explore how the oil and gas industry is addressing its workforce hurdles. They have some approaches to ensure that employees are well trained and feel valued within the industry.

Firstly, they emphasize training and professional development. It involves implementing programs to educate individuals on drilling techniques and safety protocols. It’s not about the aspects – they also focus on teaching leadership and interpersonal skills. This involves assisting individuals in enhancing their communication, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities.

Diversity and inclusion are also priorities for them. They actively seek to recruit from a range of backgrounds to incorporate perspectives and innovative ideas. Moreover, they are dedicated to increasing gender diversity within the industry, which is commendable.

Furthermore they embrace technology to streamline operations. Their approach involves digitizing processes. Utilizing analytics and smart devices to ensure efficient workflows. They have integrated robots and drones, for handling tasks showcasing a futuristic outlook.

How to Find the Right Oil and Gas Workforce Solutions in the UAE?

The oil and gas industry is a cornerstone of the UAE’s economy, propelling growth and innovation. Having the right workers is critical to keeping things running smoothly. But how can you find the appropriate one in a landscape filled with companies claiming to provide the greatest solutions? Let’s find out how to find the right fit.

Understanding Your Needs: Before researching the names, take a step back and assess your needs. What specific challenges are you facing? Is it a shortage of competent staff, inefficiencies in operations, or a requirement for cutting-edge technology integration? Understanding your requirements creates the groundwork for discovering the ideal workforce solution.  

Research, Research, Research: Now that you have a clear grasp of your requirements, it’s time to hit the books—or the internet. Begin by investigating firms that specialize in oil and gas workforce solutions in the UAE. Look for industry leaders with a track record of achievement and offering a wide range of services.

Check Their Credentials: In a market full of options, it’s critical to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. One approach to accomplish this is to check the credentials of potential providers. Look for certificates, industry affiliations, and customer feedback. A trustworthy organization will not hesitate to provide evidence of their knowledge.  

Assess Their Experience: Experience counts in the oil and gas industry. When considering possible workforce solutions providers, consider their experience in the field. Have they previously tackled difficulties similar to yours? Do they have a thorough awareness of the industry’s complexities? Experience counts, so choose wisely.

Evaluate Their Service Offerings: The oil and gas industry is broad, with numerous difficulties that require various solutions. When picking a workforce solutions provider, look for one that provides a wide range of services. Versatility is essential regarding workforce supply, training programs, and technological solutions.

Consider Their Technology Capabilities: The importance of technology in the oil and gas industry cannot be emphasized enough. When evaluating workforce solution providers, consider their technological capabilities. Do they use the most recent advancements to increase efficiency and productivity? A forward-thinking approach to technology indicates a provider primed for success.

Assess Cultural Fit: In business, cultural fit can make or break an association. When choosing a workforce solutions supplier, assess whether their beliefs and ethos are consistent with yours. A healthy cultural fit promotes collaboration and ensures a smooth sailing experience.

Seek Transparency: When engaging with potential workforce solutions providers, seek transparency in every aspect of their operations. Transparent pricing structures and project timeframes foster confidence and lay the basis for mutually productive cooperation.

Request Recommendations: Sometimes, the best advice comes from people who have traveled the same journey before you. Contact colleagues and industry peers for ideas on workforce solution providers. Their firsthand experiences can provide useful insights and point you in the proper direction.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a major oil and gas industry player and needs a trained workforce to support its operations. To address this demand, certain companies in the UAE provide workforce supply services to the oil and gas industry. These companies serve as mediators between job seekers and oil and gas companies, connecting qualified persons with appropriate career openings. It is crucial to remember that while organizations like The GET Global Group help with workforce recruiting, the oil and gas corporations often make final hiring decisions.  

When it comes to trusted workforce solutions in the UAE, look no further than The GET Global Group. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, The GET Global Group is your go-to partner for all your oil and gas workforce needs.

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