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Success Stories

Client: Indian NOC
Requirement: Client was conducting their first Shale gas well drilling and coring, hence they required an on-ground expertise to ensure optimum results.
GET deployed technical team to supervise drilling and coring activities.
Teamwork: Team of 6 people worked for 38 days
Niche Expertise: Several changes made to drilling & core handling program based on GET team’s advice
Cost Savings: >20% cost savings compared to closest benchmarks
Client: Supermajor with operations in South Iraq

Requirement: Client required drilling operational support for a large asset in South Iraq.

GET deployed Drilling managers, Fluid Specialists along with Contract engineers staff.
Efficiency: GET team deployed on the ground 50% quicker than client team
Cost savings: >25% cost savings on full cycle management of the highly specialized crew
Utilization of resources: GET crew onsite/on-job >90%
Client: Supermajor was evaluating whether to conduct operations in West India
Requirement: Client needed risk evaluation of a 7500 sq km for potentially taking over operatorship and conducting operations.
GET deployed a 18 person team including GIS mapping, Drilling & Completions engineer, Stimulation engineer, HSE expert and Commercial experts.
Teamwork: Team of 18 people worked for 65 days
Efficiency:Work delivered in 75 days as compared to client estimate for 98 days
Cost savings: >50% cost savings compared to nearest benchmarks from large OFS company
HSE: Zero LTI despite more than 6000km of driving including hazardous terrain
Client: Small Operator in India with 3 onshore fields
Business challenge: To recommend means to enhance the production of their tight reservoir
GET deployed a team of Geologists, Reservoir & Drilling engineers, Production engineers and Financial analysts to recommend an appropriate solution.
Evaluation: Phase 1 evaluation completed
Cost savings: Project delivered at 30% cost compared to benchmarks
Efficiency: >Phase 1 delivered in 35 days to meet compliance deadlines
Knowledge: Phase 2 being planned for implementation of recommendations, including detailed engineering, contract technical specifications and supervision of services
Client: Mid-sized regional OFS Company operating in across MENA
Requirement: Client organization has many operating personnel who have learnt primarily on the job, hence have gaps in ability to deliver services as well as troubleshoot service issues.
GET has been the outsourced Training provider to all its locations in Middle East for 4 years
Flexibility: Training consumed based on business requirement without any fixed costs
Efficiency: >15 training sessions organized /year across 3 countries with no in-house resources
Cost savings: Client saved >$110,000/year
Knowledge: Engineers are able to not only deliver on projects, but also cross sell services

Our Success Stories

We are training partners with leading oil and gas companies worldwide. Our wide network of certified trainers and coaches provide industry-driven and industry-approved development programs that will take the capabilities of you and your organization to the next level.
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