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Oil and gas companies specializing in upstream services face their own unique set of challenges in their operations, whether it is exploration, drilling, production, or post-production activities. With decades of experience, GET has emerged as the partner of choice for upstream oil and gas companies, supporting them with cutting-edge technology and solutions and with the right expertise at the right time and at the right cost. Through our expertise-based services, procurement and supply chain services, and maintenance services for upstream oil and gas operatives, we empower our clients with cost-effectiveness and operational flexibility. 

Here, in this article, we provide a brief summary of our services, tailored exclusively to the upstream oil and gas sector.

Expertise-based services:

The oil and gas industry is a high-risk industry requiring highly trained personnel. Backed by a deep understanding of the talent needs of the upstream oil and gas sector, we support our clients with a customizable, flexible, and comprehensive expertise-based service that eliminates the need for multiple vendors and internal interfaces. This, in turn, helps our clients reduce operational risks and errors and, at the same time, improve operational efficiencies. Specifically, our expertise-based services can be categorized as:

  1. Integrated Crew Management: Our integrated crew management service covers the entire personnel lifecycle and encompasses the identification of talent, recruitment, training, deployment, monitoring, and management of the team on the project site. The onsite service is backed by an on-ground technical team to provide complete solutions for logistics and visas, emergency response, and incident investigation.
  2. Technical Training Solutions: With knowledge and technology constantly evolving, we ensure that our oil and gas crew members are constantly updated and trained on the new developments. We ensure competent workers at every level of the value chain are aligned to the current economic environment. In keeping with current needs, our technical training solutions for oil and gas personnel include online training, e-learning, classroom-based training, instructor-led virtual training, blended training, local content training, and on-the-job training.
  3. Technical Consulting: Our technical consulting service addresses the technical and commercial challenges associated with the upstream oil and gas industry, with particular focus on oil field development, capacity building, exploration, and environmental, social, and governance issues.

Procurement and supply chain services:

As part of our procurement and supply chain services, we aim to support our clients in reducing their shipment costs and improving their stock delivery through impeccable supply planning and effective logistics management. Specifically, this service includes vendor-managed inventory and buying houses.

  1. Vendor-managed inventory: As part of our vendor-managed inventory, we take full responsibility to optimise the inventory held by our clients, thereby allowing them to focus on growing their business. Our vendor-managed inventory service includes assessment, in which we leverage emerging technologies to glean insights to help support intelligent decision-making; warehousing, whereby we design, run, improve, and manage warehouses to ensure seamless flow of products from source to destination; and logistics support to ensure smooth transportation of oil and gas products to international project coordination anywhere in the world. 
  2. Buy House: This service is aimed at transforming legacy processes, practices, and structures and aligning them with the current needs of our clients. We also help to negotiate terms and pricing, enabling our clients to achieve better financial results while also building their internal capabilities.

Maintenance services:

As part of our maintenance services, we leverage cutting-edge technology platforms, streamlined processes, and expert supervision to meet the short- and long-term maintenance needs of our upstream oil and gas clients. Our service is focused on QHSE, TAT, efficiency, and cost optimization and is designed to enable our clients to achieve maximum value and minimize the downtime of their offshore assets.


Upstream oil and gas companies require reliable and efficient services that can address the unique set of challenges they face. The exploration of ultra-deep waters or the development of oil wells in remote and generally hostile regions and working with higher temperatures and pressures require innovation, the use of new technologies, and a well-trained, agile workforce. It is here that GET can help. As a reliable upstream service provider with decades of experience, we work with our oil and gas clients, supporting them in a full range of activities and providing them with the competitive edge they need to operate safely and efficiently in a challenging environment. As part of our expertise-based services, we ensure that our clients have access to the right talent at the right time. We take care of all the associated costs, including training, health, travel, visas, and accommodations. Our second line of service, procurement and supply chain management, is designed to ensure smooth transfers of inventory and products to and from the project sites. Finally, as part of our maintenance services, we help to meet the short- and long-term maintenance needs of our oil and gas clients.

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