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Why Choose Get

Only the ones with years of experience know how to run cost-effective operations and attain growth in a limited amount of time. By being in the workforce for more than a decade; GET has 3000+ years worth of cumulative industry experience, generated through its following core three verticals:

  1. Integrated Crew Services (ICS)

  2. Training and Consulting

  3. Integrated Project Delivery

GET provides turnkey solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry; in the field of talent acquisition and employee training. Through our Integrated Crew Services, we eliminate the long process of resourcing from your shoulders; by appointing you with the right person for your crew. All of which is done through our team of 5000 on-call global technicals and 1800 field crew members.

With fast pace developments sometimes it becomes hard to get everyone on board with the processes. For smoother functioning of your existing crew GET also trains and consults your team about the latest technology and on-ground improvements. With this service, we aim to help your company keep up with On-the-job knowledge transfer via experts for skill upgradations and provide knowledge dissemination via classroom & online learning.

This brand consolidation offers our clients a tremendous opportunity to gain access to reliable industry expertise, rationalize costs, and support profitable growth and expansion.

GET has recently started its third service line Integrated Project Delivery. Through this GET intends to provide Integrated delivery of projects from engineering to execution; this enables us to share the risk, customize technology and services, to optimize the cost for “pay on performance” model.

We are at an advanced stage of discussions with various companies in India to collaborate and deliver our services through this new service line. With reference to Discovered Small Fields Round II, GET did the evaluation of the various DGH exploratory fields to explore any opportunity to acquire promising fields/ proven reserves.

We maintain our service quality by assuring the following points.

  1. Technical Assurance

Each crew member undergoes a Technical interview and gets a technical rating before being selected to be a part of your team. Through this, we aim to provide you with the best of services.  

  2. Quick Deployments

We ensure to provide you with the perfect crew in a limited period of time. GET ensures that the deployment process stays smooth without any hiccups.

3. Frequent Client Contact for proper feedback.

After providing you with a suitable service we make sure you face no problems on your journey with GET.

4. Actionable Outputs

We make sure that the services provided to you by GET always result in visible growth.

5. De-risk operations and financials

We also aim to share the risk, customize technology and services, to optimize the cost for better growth of your company.

6. Frequent interaction with the crew (either in the Khobar or via Hitch calls).

We always stay in contact with the crew in order to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Benefits of partnering with GET

GET, today, partners with some of the leading names of the Oil and Gas industry, offering turnkey solutions and robust technical support in every sphere of their operations. With changing times it’s important to stay updated about new technology. GET global group, through its training and consulting services, offers expertise on-demand to organisations and professionals alike. It provides assistance to the companies and enables the crew to keep up with the changing technologies and new techniques of the Oil and Gas jobs.

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Disclaimer : 

“Dear Reader , Please beware of false emails which appear to come from GET Global Group or its employees. GET never asks for fees /commission etc from any of our crew/partners for recruiting them for our projects hence refrain from any commercial transactions or providing your banking information before joining our projects. Kindly check the email address and contact details of the person contacting you . In case of any complaints/ enquiries, pls. contact”