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Energy projects are getting increasingly complex and are surfacing in even more remote geographies hence requiring more cutting-edge technology. With the recent global economic instability, many organizations are reducing workforce and freezing new hiring. Hence creating a demanding time where employees are being asked to do more with less and are expected to multitask in their area of expertise.

GET provides customized solutions to the training needs of International and National Oil Companies across the globe. With our unique Learning Management System, we provide customized Training Programs for organizations in the Oil and Gas Industry. Our team across the globe has 3000 years of combined field and managerial experience in a variety of technical and operational disciplines.

Our Training Solutions Feature:

– World-class courses focused on technical and business aspects of the energy industry
– Courses taught by industry professionals with hands-on experience of the topic
– Classroom courses , backed by post-training online tutoring support.

Our blended learning solutions, therefore, provide convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness to our clients.

Depending on the client’s needs GET provides 2 kinds of solutions:


·A) Basic, intermediate and advanced courses on technical and operational subjects.

– Basic Courses aiming towards operational crew 2 years or less in a particular service line or for cross-training staff across various service lines.
– Intermediate courses targeted towards operational crew with 3-5 years of experience.
– Advanced courses are aimed towards operational crew who will be taking on supervisory roles

B) These training courses are aimed towards operational crew already working in the Oil and Gas Industry Jobs.

C) These training programs can be used to upskill and as a part of the competency development program of an employee in an organization.

D) Online modules provided as a refresher course or as a reference course for all the participants enrolled in the training program for a specified time.

E) Our trainers can provide on the job training on simulators and equipment present at the client site.


This is a complete package provided to the client aiming towards making young graduates and technical diploma holders industry ready and meet the In-Country Value targets set by local governments.

– Introductory courses are given in technical topics, language, HSE, and soft skills.
– Aimed towards technicians, technical diploma holders, engineering graduates wanting to work in the O&G industry.
– As a part of local capacity building and skill development programs run by the governments, IOCs and NOCs.
– The training given will in the following sequence

o   English Language courses and soft skill courses

o   Introductory courses to the oil and gas industry

o   Introductory courses in working condition in the Oil and Gas Industry

o   Technical jargon and introductory equipment courses for the industry

o   Basic HSE Awareness courses

One of the biggest challenges that training managers face is pulling people out of operations and sending them for training. To address this issue, and to lower the opportunity cost of the employee; GET has provided these training on client site as well as online, according to the client’s requirement.

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“Dear Reader , Please beware of false emails which appear to come from GET Global Group or its employees. GET never asks for fees /commission etc from any of our crew/partners for recruiting them for our projects hence refrain from any commercial transactions or providing your banking information before joining our projects. Kindly check the email address and contact details of the person contacting you . In case of any complaints/ enquiries, pls. contact”