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Tapping Potential Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has turned tables for scores of industries and ducked the oil and gas industry in the pools of turmoil, limiting the listicle of potential opportunities. However, we shouldn’t allow disruptions to shake the core of our oil and gas industry and open to a myriad range of opportunities to face a new reality, vouching for Oil and Gas Jobs in the middle east. Doesn’t that sound like something you were looking for? Come closer, let’s open the bag of opportunities, uncovering ideas with two stories to highlight the opportunities offered by the oil and gas industry, even in times of distress with sunken opportunities: 

1919, Duncan, Oklahoma, United States

Erle P. Halliburton, before starting his own company, upon the death of his father, left home at the age of 14 to support his family. Over the years, he learnt how to operate heavy machinery and then worked as a Salesman in New York to gain exposure by picking one of the best Oil and Gas Jobs in the Middle East. He understood the functioning of shipboard engineering as a member of the United States Navy and finally in 1915, headed to oilfields in California for Technical Training Oil and Gas. However, when he started innovating using his experience and ideas, he found himself in a face-off with his then-boss, Almond Perkins. 

For Erle, getting hired and fired by the Perkins Oil Well Cementing Company was nothing but the best that could ever happen to him, you must be wondering how? Keep reading!

He moved to Oklahoma where he invented, perfected, and patented a new method of cementing from the experience he learnt from the Oil and Gas Jobs Abroad, which he had picked up. He started his company, “New Method Oil Well Cementing company” which is 1922, was renamed as Halliburton Oil Well Cementing company which is a 24-Billion-dollar company at this point. 

Does that sound like success to you? Imagine all the skills and efforts invested paying off with Technical Training Oil and Gas you learnt over the years. Now, imagine had he not had experiences; would he be in the same position? With experience one can brush skills and knowledge, it is time you ensure that your ladder towards growth is leaning against the right wall, the wall of GET Global. 

1995, Central Texas, United States 

One fine day, the lead engineer Nick Steinberger was called in for a meeting by the management staff at Mitchell Energy and received a notice about the shutting down of the non-economic venture. He got worried about his new-born baby and homemaker wife because he might not find a suitable Oil and Gas Job Search. So, the next few days Nick started thinking about saving costs for future stability.

Soon, he realized that he could save a lot of money if he could reduce the white gel that was being used to create a blast in the dense rock leading to natural gas recovery. Thus, he started diluting the gel by adding water and to his surprise, it worked pretty well. Furthermore, Nick had this radical idea to cut out the gel entirely and only pump water with a little bleach, which would kill the bacteria and soap, which would ensure smooth flow down the laid downpipes. However, it was risky because if you put too much water then the clay would swell up and block the passage of the natural gas, making it difficult. But if it worked, he would not have to search for the Oil and Gas Jobs Abroad, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Russia. Upon permission from his management, he pumped 800,000 gallons of water down the well and waited for better results.

Surprisingly, the results of the experiment were mind-blowing. The well was twice as productive as the gel fracked well at half the costs. The technique was tried on all oil wells and hydraulic fracturing was born. In 2014, the US became the biggest oil and gas producer, all across the globe and about 400,000 jobs were created.

Coming back to Nick, of course, he saved his job and now works as a lead consultant in the oil business.

The rational question standing in the way is, what did we learn from above-scribbled stories? Fear can become our biggest motivation if we keep our heads in the right direction and look for opportunities to experiment, learn and take risks. Most of the oil professionals today may share the same fear but what matters more is what steps you take now that will help you get a job back in oilfield (if you have unfortunately lost it) or how you can make yourself stand out to get a pay raise once activity in oil industry increases. 

It is time to get the listicle of basics right, you need to reflect before responding to the bag of opportunities weaved for you and your bright future. Let’s uncloud your dilemmas and look at significant pointers you must focus on: 

1. Self-Introspection 

2. Thorough research

3. Adapting to technology

4. Networking with people and knitting relationships 

5. Asking Questions for detailed evaluation 

6. Training yourself

7. Drafting a strong CV/Resume to toss the chances of being rejected 

8. Being ready to take risks and mental preparation 

9. Believing in yourself

Congratulations, you are getting a step closer and we are here to guide you throughout your successful journey. At the end of the day, all we aim for is, high-level participation, tapping reach and potential opportunities, a wide distribution of oil and natural gas all across the globe to mark a green flag of growth.  In the next blog, we will be bringing all the significant highlights into the limelight with detailed discussion and will understand how to trace a path towards your goals, stay tuned. 

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