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Entities that have the experience of one, few or all aspects of operations in the Oil & Gas industry, and would like to partner with GET to enable us to provide together the best value to our clients. We are planning to partner with entities that would like to work with us on Integrated Project Delivery mandates.

GET is rapidly expanding across the globe and we are already present in 15 locations worldwide. We are seeking partners to represent us in other locations where we might not be present currently. GET partners help us with business development, client and vendor communication & coordination and some aspects of project management.


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Currently, we have the following sourcing partners worldwide:
Sr. No. Name of the Company Geography
1 Benshimol & Associates LLC Venezuela
2 Energy Quest Oilfield Services Nigeria
3 HAMF Egypt
4 In-Time Oil Field Consultants Pakistan
5 Montebello Consulting LLC Russia


We strive to provide all our clients with turnkey solutions and efficient technical support in every sphere of their operations. Our partners across various geographies help us to give localized solutions and support to global clients.

We’ve been associated with HAMF and the collaboration between us has grown stronger over time! Here’s a glimpse into their experience of working with us.
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To know more about GET, send us an email at sprabhat@getglobalgroup.com