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Navigating Through Harsh Times in the Oil and Gas Industry With GET Global Group

In the times of COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to address the truth. The oil and gas industry has been facing harsh times, which has rippled the face of the industry, and the uncertainty in this sector has led to a reduction in the demand and prices of oil and gas.

Even though the oil and gas industry were one of the biggest contributors in the upward growth of the global economy, ever since the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a dramatic loss in the face of these unprecedented times.

Now, flipping the coin, even though the outbreak of the coronavirus has caused a negative domino effect, navigating strategically through the harsh times is the key to come out of the chaotic labyrinth.

In no small measure, the short-term effects definitely seem disastrous, however, there are scores of reasons why the workforce in the Oil and Gas Industry should consider future opportunities.

The best part about disruptions is that they bring about change. In fact, it’s situations of crisis that create new Job Opportunities, changing the way an industry can function. Let’s look at the crises through the lens of innovation, exploring a plethora of opportunities.

Here’s how we at GET Global Group have been supporting the workforce in the Oil & Gas Industry during these harsh times:

Flexible Workforce: The Covid-19 pandemic caused a palpable shift resulting in layoffs in the oil and gas industry. However, on the brighter side, the companies started looking for a flexible workforce as per the project needs. Thus, underlying the significance of deploying a more flexible workforce with arising opportunities.

This is exactly wherein the GET Global Group jumps into the picture, bringing more opportunities into the limelight. We have a team of skilled workers and companies, which thrive on each other’s support and consult us for skilled human resources to match their specific Oil and Gas requirements.

If you’re looking for flexible work opportunities, then you can download our GET CREW Application to transform your career in the oil and gas industry. You can easily apply for the vacancies, with an outlined CV, qualifications, and interests. At the end of the day, it is significant to pick opportunities, which match your interests and skill set.  Opportunities are knocking your door; it is time to open the gateway with our GET CREW Application. Let’s GET going!

Furthermore, we also provide vocational training to strengthen human capital and upskill the workforce to tap into the full potential of employees. These training programmes have been tailored to help you grasp the fundamental concepts through e-learning, webinars and experts-led classroom sessions.

Moreover, GET Global Group promises to ramp up productivity through on-the-job knowledge transfer where mentors will guide you on the working site.

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“Dear Reader , Please beware of false emails which appear to come from GET Global Group or its employees. GET never asks for fees /commission etc from any of our crew/partners for recruiting them for our projects hence refrain from any commercial transactions or providing your banking information before joining our projects. Kindly check the email address and contact details of the person contacting you . In case of any complaints/ enquiries, pls. contact”