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IKTVA 2020

IKTVA -2020

IKTVA stands for “In-Kingdom Total Value Add” (iktva) program. It was launched by Saudi Aramco to baseline, measure and drive increased levels of localization in its supply chain. The Iktva program is designed to drive supply-chain efficiency, value add across operations and create a diverse, globally sustainable competitive energy sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the long-term vitality of its commercial ecosystem.
The Iktva Program was launched in 2015 as a structured approach to localization. It has become one of the Kingdom’s most important and strategic programs that is focused on the development of the energy sector and the creation of a world-class supply chain.
Iktva aims to:
The program offers value creation opportunities for firms while also improving the supply chain. Suppliers benefit from the increasing opportunities, expansions, access to a highly skilled Saudi workforce, and exposure to industry-leading innovation, and capturing markets throughout other parts of the world.


GET Aldahi is taking the following initiatives to meet the Iktva goals of Saudi Aramco
Integrated Saudization of Operations & Maintenance for the Oilfield (ISOMO)
This is a complete package provided to the clients that makes young graduates and technical diploma holders technically competent personnel for Operations and Maintenance in the Oilfield.
GET hires young and dynamic Saudi graduates, trains them in skills (English and Technical) so as to bring them up to speed with the Oil & Gas industry operations across various Product Service Lines ( e.g Coiled Tubing, Cementing, Drilling, Well Testing, Wireline, Completions etc).
We then deploy the personnel to customers operations and then manage their complete careers with constant training and exposure to the industry.
The 3-5 year program includes:
GET is deploying a mix of technology and on-ground resources to provide ISOMO:
Integrated Maintenance Solutions (IMS)
This is based on GET Aldahi’s workshop in Dammam which supports companies that outsource their maintenance to GET. This is a KPI-based service for maintenance of oilfield equipment like Downhole Motors, Hydraulic Appointment, and Power Packs. The aim is to provide in-country maintenance for most commonly used equipment in the Oil and gas industry in KSA, rather than send equipment out of the country. The service also helps to build local capability for maintenance solutions.
Integrated Procurement and Supply Chain Management Solutions (IPSCM)
Integrated MRO solutions (parts and spares used in regular repair & maintenance) are an end-to-end complete package, including stocking of local inventory and making it availabe at zero lead time. This service will further include the substitution of parts manufactured in KSA to replace parts being imported, which will enhance the ICV.
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