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Integrated Project Delivery

The Route to better project performance for Energy Industry

Integrated Project Delivery

Outsourced integrated project delivery (IPD) solutions can drive operational and capital discipline in upstream projects, helping operating companies to manage risks while providing them access to relevant expertise and resources. 


As the name suggests, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) integrates people, systems, and practice. IPD in the case of the Energy Industry is a project delivery method that shares risk and reward through a contract between the oil company operator, oilfield services integrators, and third-party services specialists. 

GET Global Group (GET) utilizes the well-established Capital Value Process (CVP) process of Appraise, Select, Define, Execute, and Operate to ensure decisions are made with the right risks and opportunities understood in a structured format as projects are matured. 

Premised on the idea of collaboration and accountability between stakeholders on identified goals, IPD creates baseline predictability. It brings all the stakeholders together from the selection and design stages so that it is possible to identify mitigating measures early and prevent project deviations. Our IPD method focuses on collective project success through measurable outcomes making all stakeholders accountable to each other and giving project teams more control over the performance of the project.

- Key Service Delivery Highlights -

Providing Expertise required for Project Delivery
Procurement & Supply Chain Management
Reducing Carbon Footprint
Enhanced Process Control
Local Capability Enhancement

- Providing Expertise required for project delivery -

GET’s approach is placed to provide the requisite talent and specialized project management expertise and local knowledge. Together with training capabilities and access to vendors, we offer flexible outsourcing solutions integrating technology, services, and resources that supplement existing teams. We can also manage the entire project end-to-end, thereby lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing non-productive time.

- Procurement & Supply Chain Management -

Ensuring all the key equipment, spares and supplies are available for operations at the right time and at the right price is essential to running an efficient drilling/workover/intervention campaign. GET’s VMI solution provides all the expertise, process, and systems to ensure that the correct inventory is available at the right time with assurance of cost efficiency.

- Reducing Carbon Footprint -

With the emphasis on energy transition, operators are under pressure to ensure that they contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint. As part of IPD, GET’s On Demand Energy Service can provide hybrid power (combination of Solar + DG) to reduce the carbon footprint of O&G operations.

Even for companies moving away from large capex greenfield projects to smaller brownfield ones, outsourced IPD could be a cost-effective approach for all the reasons discussed so far.

- Enhanced process control -

O&G projects can be complicated and involve a vast range of specialties in areas ranging from sub-surface, engineering to oilfield technologies. Outsourcing the management of projects to a single company allows for easier monitoring and streamlining of processes, people, and technology.

- Flexibility -

Given the current market dynamics of volatile prices, O&G companies, and service providers need to be agile to survive. Having outsourced solutions allows operators not to create fixed costs internally and retain agility to react to changing circumstances.

- Local Capability Enhancement -

There is increased pressure and focus on governments in many Oil & Gas resource countries on developing local capability. GET with its Integrated Training Services can train and deploy local talent as well as create a network of local suppliers and vendors in support of the O&G operations making it mutually beneficial for Operators, OFS companies, local government, and the local community.

- Combination of GET Core Services Which Delivers IPD -

- IPD Provides End-to-End Solutions -

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