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Integrated Crew Services: All you need to know

Hiring the right professionals with the right expertise is the foundation of every company’s success. Considering this, in an industry as competitive as oil and gas, having the right experience at the right time is critical. Finding the right professionals when and where they are needed takes time and expertise, which is where GET Global Group comes in. Through its three core verticals, GET Global Group, an integrated solutions firm, provides turnkey solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry.

Only those with years of experience understand how to operate cost-effective operations and achieve rapid growth. At GET Global group, we have more than a decade of business experience and have worked in the industry for a lot longer than the giants of the oil and gas industry

GET offers turnkey talent management and employee training tools to the offshore oil and gas industry. By nominating you with the right person for your crew, we take the burden of resourcing off your shoulders with our Integrated Crew Services. All of this is accomplished by our team of 5000 global technical on call and 1800 field crew members.

Oil and gas is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries. Companies are still on the lookout for qualified workers for the upstream oil and gas industry, technical training in oil and gas industry, supply chain management in the oil and gas industry and scores of other sectors to keep up with the sector’s rapid growth. GET Global Group’s Integrated Crew Services (ICS) assists them in finding the best talent at the right time. We are a specialist turnkey crew management service provider with experienced industry experts on staff from all over the world. Our crew can be deployed with companies according to their needs and requirements. 

Integrated Crew Services is a GET Global Group full-service vertical that not only provides experts but also assists them in technical and non-technical aspects of Oil and Gas work, as well as during the deployment cycle. Companies may use GET Global Group’s Integrated Crew Services to get professional services from specialists who have experience deploying Oil and Gas career professionals. We work with businesses to make sure they have access to the right expertise at the right time. 

At GET Global Group, our Integrated Crew Services are mainly divided into two segments:

Supervisory Support

Service Features

  • Individuals/teams should be deployed onsite for drilling, workover, well intervention, and LSTK work.
  • With limited client involvement, competent teams/individuals were deployed, supervised, and rotated.
  • Manpower supervision based on industry practises and client guidelines
  • Supported by an offsite technical team that provides mentoring and action suggestions
  • On-the-ground team in charge of logistics, visas, and other information.
  • From induction to emergency response and investigation, full HSE management is provided.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Supervisory personnel with experience (under client operational control)
  • Client operations team resource distribution is simplified with a turnkey service. 
  • Non-technical assistance in its entirety (HR, Accounts, Payroll, Logistics, Visas)
  • To capture falling cost advantages, use the most recent market-linked rates.
  • Technical skills, prices, and project deadlines are all optimised.

Operations and Maintenance

Service Features:

  • Onsite implementation, tracking, and management of O&M teams are all handled by us. 
  • Full onsite project management in accordance with the mandate’s requirements 
  • Teams could be easily formed, evaluated, deployed, controlled, and rotated.
  • Mentoring, helpdesk, and suggestive action are provided by an offsite technical team.
  • Managed by an on-the-ground project team with full logistical, visa, and other support.
  • From induction to emergency response and incident investigation, full HSE management is provided.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Under full client operational control, expert-backed manpower/teams
  • Turnkey service with optimal resource distribution for organisational management
  • Non-technical support takes less time, effort, and money (HR, accounts, payroll, logistics, visas)
  • To reap sliding cost advantages, use current market-linked manpower costs.
  • Technical experience, expenditures, and project schedules are all optimised.

Get Partners And The Benefits They Reap

Today, GET works with some of the biggest names in the oil and gas sector, providing turnkey solutions and reliable technical support across the board. ICS is an oil and gas consulting firm that provides clients with strategies and solutions to help them fulfil their manpower needs.

Further Discussing the Key Features Of Integrated Crew Services

  • Turnkey project management services – ICS is led by experts with extensive experience in oil and gas operations. We recognise the value of attention to detail and therefore provide full technical and non-technical back-end support for successful project management.
  • Deployment, tracking, and management of O&M teams on-site – By constantly monitoring and managing the crew on-site, ICS ensures adherence to company guidelines during the deployment phase.

Example – We will handle the whole process of sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing crew members, deployment, insurance, medevac, on-ground project management, rotation management, and so on for you if you are looking for professionals who are experts in working in well-testing jobs in Oman.

  • Complete technical support – Through mentoring, help-desk, and suggestive intervention, the ICS crew is completely assisted by a team of experts. 
  • Complete non-technical assistance – In addition to technical assistance, ICS provides complete non-technical assistance to crew members, including Payroll, Accounts, HR, Logistics, Visas, and so on.
  • Easy and effective management – ICS allows for a more efficient workflow by handling the evaluation, implementation, management, and rotation of teams for businesses. 
  • Complete HSE management – HSE is an important feature of the oil and gas industry, and our entire crew has been well-inducted and educated in it. We make certain that all crew members receive adequate training and instruction on safety precautions, emergency management, and incident investigation, among other things.

GET Global Group is an organisation that specialises in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, with crew member deployment as one of its main verticals. Get in touch with the GET Global Group if you need to recruit expert crew members for your projects or if you need expert advice.

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