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GET Growing: Enabling Growth through Training and Consulting

We live in an ever-evolving world, be it the way we live or how we work. The technologies are evolving every year making it necessary for professionals to upgrade their skills regularly to stay relevant in the workforce.

The need for constant skill up-gradation is more important in a dynamic industry like Oil and Gas. With the latest technologies and innovative solutions being developed for the ease of work, it is indispensable for the companies and the Oil and Gas professionals to stay updated with the latest innovations and technologies.

GET global group, through its training and consulting services, offers expertise on demand to the organisations and professionals alike. It offers assistance to the companies to help them optimise their operations and enable the crew to keep up with the changing technologies and new techniques of the Oil and Gas jobs.

Benefits to Crew Members

GET global group offers on-the-job training to its crew members through its online learning management system and classroom programmes. They have over 100+ technical experts imparting knowledge in over 65 disciplines.

With over 100 courses, covering all the fields of upstream Oil and Gas jobs, GET offers professionals not only skill up-gradation but also an opportunity to learn and take steps towards a brighter and successful future.

GET offers training modules in voice, video and written content along with briefing/de-briefing sessions to help professionals complete their courses. It offers:

On-the-job Skill Upgradation – Online Learning Management System of GET allows the professionals to keep themselves abreast with the latest techniques and skills required to perform their Oil and Gas Jobs efficiently.

Online Learning and Classroom Programmes – We provide complete support to the crew members with on-going training through digital modules enabling them to upskill themselves or learn new skills according to their work schedules and convenience. Online learning is complemented with classroom training for better learning and understanding of the course.

GET provides on-going training to the members of its Integrated Crew Services ensuring that they have the required knowledge and expertise to do their jobs.

Opportunity to Work with Leading Companies – Having the right skill set and knowledge is the core of all the Oil and Gas jobs. Staying updated with the latest skill-set will help you get job opportunities with the leading companies.

 GET also partners with the leading Oil and Gas companies to provide them with the right expertise according to their project demands through our Integrated Crew Services.

Eg – If you are a professional seeking Well Testing jobs in India, Indonesia, Egypt etc, knowledge of latest techniques and equipments will help you land jobs with leading companies operating in these areas.

Opportunity to take on New Roles – With our training programmes, one can learn different skills to branch out to a new specialised field, thus taking your career to a new height and better avenues.

Eg – If you are an entry-level professional and are looking to work in Fracturing jobs in India, Indonesia, Egypt etc, our technical courses will help you gain the right knowledge and expertise to gain employment.

Training and Consultation to prepare for Technical Interviews – At GET, we also offer training and consultation to appear for technical interviews for Oil and Gas Jobs and for hiring crew members in our Integrated Crew Services.

 For consultation and training for the interview, reach us out at

Benefits to the Companies

GET Training and Consulting services not only aid companies upgrade the skills of their employees through various online and classroom programmes, but we also help them optimise their operations by connecting them with our experts from all over the world. We have delivered more than 2500 hours and have trained 1500+ professionals around the globe.

With GET Training and Consulting Services, organisations can avail expertise on demand, be it for training their crew members or for consulting experts for their ongoing projects and their operational aspects.

Get provides:

– Subsurface consulting including field development plans

– Engineerings advisory services for key upstream areas

– Procurement, supply chain and outsourcing advisory and services

– Over 100 courses in 65 + disciplines taught by experts from around the world

– Customised Training Programmes to match the need of your organisation

– Cost-efficiency and effectiveness

Through our Integrated Crew Services, we provide professionals who are supported by the back-office technical team and on-going training through various online modules, making sure that the crew deployed by the companies matches the required skill and technical know-how of the various processes.

GET Expertise and Experience

GET today partners with some of the leading names in the Oil and Gas industry and has delivered more than 30 consulting projects for the various aspects of upstream Oil and Gas operations. We have a team of over 100 technical experts who provide training and consulting in cohesion with the overall strategy of the company.

GET global group strives to offer our partners the best solutions by helping them optimise their operations with customised solutions and expert knowledge.

Having an experience of more than 10 years serving the needs of Upstream Oil and Gas companies, GET is an integrated solutions company ensuring the right expertise at the right time at the right cost.

 With our training and consulting services, we are helping hoards of professionals take steps to a better future and enabling organisations optimise their operations and resources efficiently and effectively.

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“Dear Reader , Please beware of false emails which appear to come from GET Global Group or its employees. GET never asks for fees /commission etc from any of our crew/partners for recruiting them for our projects hence refrain from any commercial transactions or providing your banking information before joining our projects. Kindly check the email address and contact details of the person contacting you . In case of any complaints/ enquiries, pls. contact”