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Get Global Group Assurance Towards Health And Safety Of Its Crew Members

It is no secret that the workers in the oil and gas industry are at higher risk than the workers in the other industries. Since most of the operational environments, chemicals, and end products associated with Oil and Gas production are well-known to pose significant safety and health risks to personnel, Health & Safety management is an important component of the industry’s activities.

Upstream, Midstream Or Downstream – Here Are The Facts

According to the US Occupational Health & Safety Administration, the fatality rate in the oil and gas industry is seven times higher than the national average. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, “the number of work-related accidents in the oil and gas production industry rose 27.6% from 2003 to 2013, with a total of 1,189 deaths.” Despite an overall decrease in accident rates, the industry experienced eight deaths in 2013, four more than in 2012.

Vehicle Accidents – It can be risky to drive to pipelines, pumping stations, gas sites, or to and from work. Vehicle incidents are the leading cause of deaths in this sector. Heavy loads, inclement weather, other passengers, and unpredictable weather can all pose challenges to drivers of all modes of transportation, regardless of where they are driving—whether on a long stretch of highway or between sites. Employee exhaustion is exacerbated by long hours and physically demanding tasks, such as heavy lifting while working in the oil rig. At GET Global Group, we ensure the safety of our crew members by making them aware of our Journey Management Procedure and ensuring constant communication with them during the journey period.

Hazardous Accidents – The oil extraction process can be hazardous, with particularly hazardous working conditions for lone workers. Cave-ins can happen when trenching, because workers can easily get trapped in or stuck between materials while working on the offshore oil rig. At GET Global Group, we ensure that we provide our workers with the best equipment and communication tools that help them stay in constant touch with the station, with constant updates that can strike off the possibilities of any hazardous activities that might happen while working on the oil rig. 

Explosion and Fires – Fires and explosions kill more people in the oil and gas industry than in any other private sector. The GET Global Group has made all crew aware of the actions to be taken during such emergency situations as a part of the emergency response planning. It necessitates the development of escape routes, emergency response plans, and fire prevention plans by drilling companies. It specifies how flammable and combustible liquids should be treated and allows staff to wear flame-resistant clothing. Whether you are a member of the upstream oil and gas sector or supply chain management in the oil and gas industry, we have got our team covered with utmost safety. 

Now, let’s jump to the safety tips followed by GET Global Group, shall we?

Collaboration With The Client Emergency Response team In The Respective Area – To provide a higher level of overall protection, we have developed a partnership with the local emergency response agencies and have created a reliable flow of communication. Emergency personnel, rig workers, exploration company safety and health professionals collaborate to make the best use of our resources so that we can respond to emergencies quickly and effectively. Discussing the specific health and safety risks present at the drilling site and how to better support one another in these situations is one of our prime focuses. We also take our first responders on a tour of the drilling site or rig if necessary to give them a better understanding of how to handle future emergencies.

Investing In A Worker-Uniting Safety Programme – At GET Global Group, we believe in encouraging an atmosphere of open dialogue and mutual respect through regular communications with crew on various platforms. By adopting a personalized approach to safety training, we set aside time for employees who seek related information to keep them refreshed on safety related topics. When out in the field, making more meaningful personal interactions with co-workers will naturally create confidence and comradery, which will increase overall safety. 

Ensure That Everyone Is Familiar With The Work Sites – Before starting work, we ensure everyone who will be doing it is aware of their responsibilities, potential risks, and safety precautions through Safety Inductions. In the event of shift handovers or work site shifts, we, in collaboration with client HSE team, have made it mandatory that all processes and risks be clearly communicated to new employees jumping in the oil and gas careers

Housekeeping That Is Consistent – To avoid trips and falls, as well as struck-by hazards, keep floors, sidewalks, and all work areas are made clear of unnecessary objects. To quickly tackle threats, we use simple signage that guides staff to emergency and safety equipment. For example, in the case of a chemical or oil spill, we include spill kits to all problem areas.

Keep An Eye On Our Machine’s Upkeep – When working on offshore rigs hundreds of miles from shore, the devices are one’s lifeline. Our crew ensure that they keep themselves aware of any such maintenance jobs being carried on the equipment in the field or base. With our collaboration, the clients use the best maintenance activities in our Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Production to communicate the importance of routine maintenance checks to our staff.

Clear Visual Communication Is Important – To communicate hazards and protection orders, the legible and dependable signs and labels are used to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding. Our clients believe in making personalized signs to convey procedures unique to individual work crews and job sites. As soon as possible, we replace worn-out, illegible, and obsolete signs. Also, looking for fading floor markings that need to be reapplied.

At GET Global Group, we take these precautions and more to ensure the safety of our co-workers. Your safety is our first priority and we go above and beyond to make sure that your health, both mental and physical, is intact at all times.

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