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At GET Global Group, we promise to bring you intuitive Training services in the oil and gas industry to cross the complex hurdles, and major disruptions, with our leading-edge expertise. With passion and extensive experience, our integrated team of mentors promise to handle the facets in the oil and gas industry along with technical discipline. We aim to enhance the value of your valuable assets with our courses and sessions, which will solve all operational issues on field. We believe in boosting career progression with our practitioners who have worked on the field to ensure that you can have a strong hold on theory as well as its application. At GET Global Group, we focus on increasing your knowledge and retention, enhancing performances, bringing a positive business impact and catering knowledge on advanced technology. Now, let’s have a quick look the Training Services, which we cater at GET Global Group, shall we?

Knowledge Dissemination via Classroom & Online Learning: Enter GET Learning Academy, where the ones with a bug of curiosity will be taught everything about the Oil and Gas Industry. The digital platform is a solid foundation where you can enter the world of learning, unfold fundamental concepts, understand the technical concepts with grit and determination, and harness the power of learning. The bespoke path of learning via classroom and online learning is sought with well-interactive modules. It is time to architect the fences of learning with effective learning at GET Learning Academy under eLearning courses, webinars and instructor-led classroom sessions. You can either pick any one of the mentioned or else go for blended solutions, which cover all three types of learnings. It is time to get innovative, agile and creative. The Instructor Led Virtual Classroom are the training programs that include three to five days of webinar sessions wherein live interactions make it easier to grasp knowledge. Our professionals cover real life case studies to deliver a better understanding and help you achieve your milestones quickly. Are you willing to brush skills of your existing workforce or teach concepts of the oil and gas industry to the new hires? GET Global Group is merely one tap away.

On-the-job knowledge transfer via experts for skill up-gradation: At GET Global Group, we believe in bridging the gap with explicit, implicit and tacit knowledge. Knowledge transfer ensures that methodically there is a reduction in the talent risk and vital knowledge can help in driving day to day operations. This process ensures that the employees can ramp up to productivity, response to emergencies, keep up with faster onboarding, drive innovation, maintain consistency, and work with offshore partners, reducing the risk of incidents, load levelling, avoid over-reliance over a mentor and display aneffective implementation. We believe that effective technical knowledge transfer is very crucial to upskill the current employees and to ensure that the future workers can seize scores of opportunities effectively and efficiently. The key idea of catering on-the-job knowledge transfer is to ensure that employees can embrace the opportunities while tossing away the threats at an ease. Thus, it is necessary to understand how the boom-and-bust cycle works in the oil and gas industry. We bring in a multifaced approach to contribute significantly towards the oil and gas industry. Are you ready to have a competitive advantage in the labyrinth of scores of companies by climbing up the graph of learning with the GET Global Group?

We believe in helping the hoardof professionals to start their climb towards the apogee in the oil and gas industry. Thus, at GET Global Group we have tailored offerings where you can pick any of our training and technical services based on your customized needs. Our pragmatic approach ensures that you can focus on driving your business to greater heights. Are you ready to tap the industry-driven experience and achieve your milestones? Resort to GET Global Group, today.

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