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Different Types of Oil and Gas Training

oil and gas training

The oil and gas industry has witnessed exponential growth in capital investments in exploration and production activities driven largely by the unconventional growth of oil and gas activity. To succeed in this ever-changing environment it is important for the upstream segment to continuously train their workforce, helping them expand and build on their skills and capabilities. We at Get Global pride ourselves in offering top-notch oil and gas training solutions covering all stages of the E&P value chain.  Our industry-leading training programs reduce time to competency, increase knowledge retention, and provide just-in-time training at your moment of need. Our oil and gas training delivery options are as under:


Designed for anytime and anywhere training, our online oil and gas training program are delivered through our proprietary cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS), Get Learning Academy (GLA). Covering virtually every technical discipline, learning style and level of competency, from basic awareness through mastery, the courses are designed in the form of short, micro-sized audio and video modules to fit the busiest schedules. The courses are standalone and can be assessed on any device such as phone, tablet and computer. They are designed to motivate, challenge, and learn by trial and error, enabling trainees to master and upgrade their petro-technical skills while also receiving digital certificates on completion.

Classroom-Based Courses:-

As the name suggests, these oil and gas training courses are delivered by our experts in the classroom at the location of your choice. These instructor-led training sessions are customized to your unique requirements, learning styles and level of competency. Real-life examples are included as part of the training to make learning contextual. With our classroom-based oil and gas training, you benefit from interactions with thought leaders and experts, and at the same time, save time, resources and money. This form of training is therefore an affordable and compelling option for the upstream oil and gas segment to meet the training needs of their teams.

Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom:

Delivered through our LMS, Get Learning Academy, these virtual sessions replicate the traditional classroom but with added online media features. These oil and gas training courses are delivered in the form of webinars that incorporate real-life case studies and usually focused on one specific topic, making it easy for the trainees to reach their competency goals at scale. The courses are delivered live online via industry-leading subject experts. Participants can interact with the instructor and colleagues in real-time using various communication tools that form part of our GLA.

On-The-Job Training:

This form of oil and gas training is ideal to enable trainees to gain hands-on experience to perform the job at hand. For this training, trainees get to practice on real industrial units converted into secured educational tools. Ideal for operators, technicians and engineers, this training is significant for all those involved in exploring the subsurface and subsea oil fields with potential and as well as exploration, operation and recovery of oil and gas. Our trainers provide that guidance in the field, based on up-to-date functional competency models and job frameworks, while addressing local skills’ needs across levels and geographies.

Blended Learning:

As the name suggests, this form of oil and gas training combines all elements of elearning, instructor-led classroom, on-the-job training, and online sessions to offer highly customized full cycle learning.Learners have access to the GTA LMS, complete with its library of learning resources, online courses and communication and collaboration tools to build their skills and capabilities.

Graduate Training Programs For Localization:-

This type of oil and gas training from Get Global is specially designed for graduates in countries with a strong government mandate to build local capability. As the name suggests, the training aims to equip locals with the relevant education, competencies and experience to match industry standards. We have partnered with the prestigious IIT Roorkee to jointly organize short-term continuing education programs on oil and gas for young graduates and technical diploma holders to make them industry-ready, while meeting local mandates.

In Conclusion

Continuous training is the need of the hour for the upstream oil and gas segment to deal with the vagrancies of the environment in which it functions. Added to this is the huge rise in unconventional oil and gas activity, requiring oil and gas companies to constantly be on their toes and upgraded to new skills and capabilities in tune with the evolving environment. It is here that Get Global plays a crucial role – Through a complete range of delivery options, we offer industry-leading courses that cover all current industry issues, best practice, and trends across the international oil and gas sector, allowing you to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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