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Well Test Supervisor

Job title: Well Test Supervisor
Contract Type: Contarctual
Location: Saudi Arabia
Industry: Upstream Oilfield Service Company
Discipline: Well Test
Salary: As per Industry Standards

Job Description

Job Purpose & Scope:

Well Test Operations are an important area of the Oil & Gas Operations, because they investigate important parameters, such as the production potential of the well, the characteristics of the formation, the type and amount of oil & gas produced,  the damage level of the formation and very important characteristics of the reservoir, such as permeability, porosity, etc.

Key Duties, Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • Knowledge of 1) All transfer pumps, Tanks (Surge, Gauge), 2) Standard ASTM methods (Centrifugal & Infrared)for analysis of (Water Cut, API Gravity, Gas gravity&  Salinity (by refraction), Ph, H2S content) by 3) collecting  samples (surface, well, during DST), 4)Sand and choke management (Erosion), 5) HPHT & Heavy oil operations, 6) Multiphase separators operations, 7) Hydrate formation handling in gas wells 8) A/L (ESP, SRP, PCP),
  • Good knowledge of development and implementation of safe operating procedures.
  • Knowledge of industry standards in Surface Well Testing
  • To Guide operators & Sr operators about Sequencing of test equipment, USE OF Flow Head, Data header, line test pressure limit, choke management, orifice size selection, and separator management.
  • Knowledge of DST operations which can have direct effect on SWT in offshore especially.
  • Personnel, equipment and site safety
  • Knowledge of ASTM standard methods for water cut analysis, API gravity analysis, Gas gravity analysis, Salinity analysis, pH and H2S metering


Key Job Requirements:


  • Supervise and perform periodical test programs and monitor well performance in low/high pressure onshore/ offshore, sweet /sour gas, oil & gas wells
  • Have operational capabilities of testing well production range of 100 to 5,000 bbl./d with BS&W range of 0 to 100 % and API gravity range of 15 to 45 on mobile production separator.
  • Have good operational experience and maintenance skills of following equipment – flow head, Choke manifold  (different set-ups),  5 & 10K 3-Phase horizontal separator, sand trap (Bull catchers & debris catchers) and sand filters, SSV (surface safety valve), indirect heaters, ESD (emergency shutdown system), Artificial lifts like electrical submersible pumps, sucker rod pumps, progressive cavity pumps gas compressors on low gas producing well, transfer pump, surge tank and gauge tanks etc.
  • Should have experience of oil & gas testing and HPHT wells.
  • Experience in sand management.
  • Experience in maintenance/ trouble shooting of 3 phase separator, Flare stack, Burner Booms, Chemical injection Pumps, coflexip, heat exchanger, pipe work for HPHT jobs, SSV, Surface Test Tree, Tanks and transfer Pumps. Crude oil burners, Control Cabin, / Laboratory, Instrumentation




Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum 4 years’ experience on the same position and 8 years oil field experience
  • Full HSE Compliance
  • Knowledge of English language: Read, Write, speak & understand.

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