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Capacity Building of Human Capital in the Oil and Gas Industry

Capacity building of human capital in the Oil and Gas Industry refers to the process of strengthening the bricks of a solid foundation, which stresses significance on education, training under mentors and development of human resources. In no small measure, human capital development acts as a significant factor to boost the stagnant economy and hence, the oil and gas industry is pouring assets for the same.

A practical approach in the digital era can be traced towards capacity building through igniting the momentum of learning. The ideal pathway begins wherein the training working environment rewards the employees with their increase in performances. The concept of capacity building unlocks training of human assets and resources, which boosts the domino effect of growing promising for achieving long term milestones.

In a broader sense, the capacity building of human capital is significant in the oil and gas industry because the concept of productivity gains enhances the quality of labour, stirring growth. Thus, imparting rational skills, knowledge and bags of expertise becomes a critical determinant in achieving the green flags of growth. Let us now uncloud different ways in which capacity building of human assets takes place in the Oil and Gas Industry:

Diligent mentoring: The professionals bring years of experience to the table to bring an effective learning experience to impart knowledge to the young minds. The professional team teaches you to comprehend technical topics with easy communication and an enhanced process of learning.

Architecting strong process of learning with peers: The idea that learning is a substantial asset receives greater significance when you start learning from your peers. Educational insights and expertise will be catered in the Oil and Gas Careers but at the end of the day, you will work with your peers, around your peers. Thus, it is crucial to start leaning while you begin your journey in the growing field. Your foundation in the oil and gas industry becomes stronger only when you weave a bond of learning with your peers.

Fences of learning: Just reading facts and figures is not the idea of learning. Such processes merely ignite the mind to retain knowledge for a short period of time. Thus, it is crucial to construct fences of learning through interactive sessions, which promise a better understanding of concepts. The exercise of interactive learning paves the way towards gaining clarity.

Incorporating chunks of personified views: In the maze of the oil and gas industry, there ought to be clashes of thought processes. It is a human tendency to think differently and have different perspectives. However, the pertinent question is how these differences are made use of? In no small measure, the learning process stays limited when views are alike. However,to the contrary, group discussions and activities bring innovation to the table since there is scope for different ideas to come in the open. There are no hurdles to the process of learning, rather significant learning blocks are constructed when chunks of personified views are incorporated.

Self-evaluation:“You are the greatest teacher of all”, this phrase holds true when you have completed the process of learning from diligent mentors and knowledgeable peers. Your passionate self needs to brush the concepts and check your hold on lessons. Self-evaluation can mean learning more than the rest or even taking a break from the stressful process of feeding information to the brain.

Opening up the gates for feedback:The idea of comprehension of knowledge can be learnt better once you are open to constructive criticism and feedback. Feedback’s make you want to work on your weakness, which in turn makes you a confident employee. At the end of the day, investing resources in employees who are willing to grasp knowledge and showcase the same in their work, makes the process of capacity building worth it.

Concept of Empowerment: Strong empowerment instills a stronger sense of self-esteem and motivates the training employees to do better. Research studies have found a direct link between empowerment and performance, thus making them courageous enough to step outside their comfort zone and adding value to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Blooming the graph of knowledge with on-job training: This is the last step where the employees set their foot on business operation sites. Your performance will be evaluated and analysed by a mentor to ensure strong grasp and better understanding of your job roles.

At GET Global, we believe in vocational training of human capital to mark a significant expansion in the longer run. We are stringent believers that capacity building is significant so that potential workers can ideally deal with situations of disequilibrium. From reallocating resources during economic instability, crisis management, to analysing last-minute information,these factors indicate a higher potential of human assets.

Over scores of years, accelerated knowledge and accumulated expertise have become one of the greatest contributors in the human history. Are you ready to be a part of the growing and learning squad of GET Global to open up the streams of knowledge? Become a significant part today, we’re merely one tap away.

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