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Expertise assurance: Training Services

At GET Global Group, we promise to bring you intuitive Training services in the oil and gas industry to cross the complexhurdles, and major disruptions, with our leading-edge expertise. With passion and extensive experience, our integrated team of mentors promise to handle the facets in the oil and gasindustry along with technical discipline. We aim …

Capacity building of human capital in the Oil and Gas Industry

Capacity building of human capital in the oil and gas industry refers to the process of strengthening the bricks of a solid foundation, which stresses significance on education, training under mentors and development of human resources. In no small measure, human capital development acts as a significant factor to boost the stagnant economy and hence, …

How can I become a successful Oil & Gas professional?

In the previous blog, we understood that without experimenting opportunities nothing comes easy in the oil and gas industry. From baby boomers to Generation X, the industry has been fluffing with plenty of opportunities, filling the pool of talent. This blog holds tricks of embracing opportunities concerning the Oil and Gas Jobs post-recession and COVID …

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