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New Technology in Drilling Services

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The Drilling business of the energy sector has changed beyond recognition, in keeping up with the advances in other industries. Advances in well drilling and completion technology have allowed the energy industry to tap into new supplies of oil and natural gas to fulfil expanding global demand. By allowing more oil and gas to be …

Blended Learning Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry

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There are a lot of workers, who work in the oil and gas industry, all across the globe. It marks its roots to employing a diverse community of people in oil and gas careers with a wide range of skill sets in scientific, management, technological, and organisational positions, as well as back office support. Blended …

Get Global Group Assurance Towards Health And Safety Of Its Crew Members

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It is no secret that the workers in the oil and gas industry are at higher risk than the workers in the other industries. Since most of the operational environments, chemicals, and end products associated with Oil and Gas production are well-known to pose significant safety and health risks to personnel, Health & Safety management …