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Recently, we have seen that the online training platforms have acted as the foundation brick to up skill and cross train for the population at large. At GET Global Group, we believe that harnessing advanced technology allows learners to access the virtual world of knowledge and insights. The current situation calls for the existing energy to be used in the most efficient way. Thus, online training will surely help in overcoming the industrial challenges in the oil and gas sector.

GET Global Group believes that teamwork is stemmed to the efficiency of the oil rig. The online training concept acts as a foundation where the field crew can hone their skills virtually before they step on the oil rigs and counter real-world situations. Considering this, we help plenty of professionals to rise and shine in the oil and gas industry. The main aim is to identify the talent pool and give them the exposure, which is needed to fill in the gap of expertise in the current industry. We believe that the greatest asset a company can have is its employees, thus we continue to invest our time and resources in pursuit of their knowledge. Sticking to our commitment, GET Global Group has come up with the novel initiative of catering in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry through a digital platform.

It is time to embrace the benefits tailored by GET Global Group in the professional environment of trust and dedication. Our experts are charted with oil and gas industry experience in the ever-changing environment. Furthermore, we believe that, in the oil and gas work environments, it is rational to teach the employees on the virtual rig before they can take up actual difficult responsibilities. Now, let’s have a look at the listicle of benefits of online training for the field crew in the oil and gas industry:

Side-line The High-Risks of Operations: The oil and gas industry is all about high payments but it is also about high risks. A field crew needs to undertake inherently high-risk operations at the oil rigs. These risks take place because the employees may at times lack the skills and experience needed to run the operation smoothly. In simple terms, an employee lacking the required training and experience will put lives at risk, waste resources, and put the environment at stake. When it comes to online training, everything is taught through virtual screens to ensure that the unnecessary risks are kept at bay.

Cost-effective Online Training: When it comes to traditional classrooms, the training is very expensive, which costs a fortune for one-to-one physical interaction. On the contrary online training is cost-efficient keeping in mind the levels of consistency. We believe in providing quality online training with subject matter experts, which are cost-effective and preferred by the employees.

Knowledge Crossing Geographical Boundaries: When training is provided on-site at remote places, technical training on-site requires a lot of safety and precaution measures to be taken. This physical training results in extended periods away from oil rigs. From operations to training, it takes a lot of time to ensure that the crew field is well-received. On the other hand, online training can be delivered at an ease to the teams, crossing the geographical boundaries. Thus, there is standard training across all the employees, which is executed uniformly, crossing the geographical boundaries.

Easy Scheduling: When it comes to traditional on-site training, the Oil and Gas Jobs are all about timely operations and schedules. This means that they lose out on the significant training time due to 24/7 operational demands. Thus, the online training programme calls in for easy scheduling. Online Training easily fits with the operational requirements, which suits both the employees and the company. Probably the best benefit of easy scheduling is that the employees can upskill their knowledge as per their convenience, time and working schedules without missing out on anything on the operational front.

Better Avenues: Once the employees learn insights from the online training programme, one can level up the skills allowing the career to scale new heights. Through the right expertise under the guidance of a mentor, new avenues open up. In comparison to the traditional learning concept, the virtual training concept is the smarter, faster and easier way to get your hands on the Oil and Gas Industry Jobs. From mentorship seminars to routine online training, achieve desired traits for the concerned positions.

Flexible and Tracked Training: Online training will guide the field crew to familiarize themselves with the operation to be performed on the rig.  In no small measure, oil rigs are all about teamwork and virtual training is a great tool to get yourselves trained to instil the quality of teamwork, solving unforeseen circumstances. The flexible nature of the online training for field crew means that the learning progress can be easily tracked.

Technological Trends: At GET Global Group, we have wrapped digital modules in the online training programme, which allows the employees to stay abreast of the technological changes, relevant to the workforce. We believe that online training gives a lot of scope for learning and growing. The continuous and consistent high-quality training allows mastering the repeated training. Since the oil and gas industry’s foundation is based on technical expertise and excellence coupled with leading-edge technology, there is no better fit than the online training programmes.

GET Global Group believes that learning is a never-ending process and one must consume knowledge when it comes to working as a field crew. It is time to climb up the ladder of your career by consuming knowledge served by experts of the Oil and Gas Industry on the platter. Herein, GET Global Group vouches to support and guide you with a wealth of expertise, resources and patience. We believe in taking advantage of our long-standing experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. We ensure to provide progression in your path of career in the Oil and Gas Industry through the online training programme. Our vision is to improve the performance in the Oil and Gas Industry and beyond, since we are the greatest contributors. Our deep ties with expertise address the demands of learning, taught by the industry professionals. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide insights, information and resources to cater to the best of learning in the Oil and Gas Industry.

We want to mould the future of the Oil and Gas Industry into the modern way and overarch a digital transformation. Never stop believing, never stop striving, never stop learning.

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