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An Update From The GET Global Group For The Year 2021

A lot of industries are facing trouble to conduct business amidst the pandemic. Keeping in mind the span of the coronavirus pandemic, in no small measure, conducting smooth processes to realign with business will face a dramatic change. Talking particularly about the oil and gas industry, it has experienced shocks with demand contraction and exceeding supply. However, with the dampened demand and imbalance in supply, there is only one way for the oil and gas industry to move and that is upward. Thus, the Oil and Gas Careers will over time gather resilience in order to strengthen and build a better foundation for the industry. Even though the events of pandemic unfolding in the background have definitely started to derail years of progress. However, attempts have been taken slowly to become a part of the global effort to pick up the economy back to its feet.

Statistics verify that the Oil and Gas industry finds itself on the top of the chart of the most affected industries due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, plenty of companies are taking a strong initiative to change the facts and figures, which are not in the favour of the economy. GET Global Group brings to you tailored opportunities which offer flexibility and career progression, it prioritizes the health of its employees and their family members. To keep yourself in the loop of the business opportunities, we cater for classroom and online learning, and on-the-job knowledge transfer. At GET Global Group, we encourage employees to stand up on their own feet but with great caution and care by providing them with the Technical Training in Oil and Gas Industry. Keeping this at the core of our efforts, apart from juggling responsibilities at the business front, it is our duty to support you with knowledge on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are experiencing the symptoms that indicate respiratory infection, including sore throat, fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, then the wise thing to do is get yourself tested. Furthermore, at GET Global Group, we encourage people to keep the people in and outside of our premises safe at all times and thus, we follow this listicle of safety precautions. Let’s have a look at it:

Staying at least 6 ft away from co-workers
Covering your mouth while sneezing/ coughing.
Disposing off the tissue papers in closed dustbins.
Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.
Disinfecting the touchpoints in regular intervals of time.
Washing hands for 20 seconds minimum with soap and warm water.
Wearing masks at all times when around people to ensure utmost safety.
Using alcohol-based sanitisers, which have at least 60% alcohol in them.

We urge you to follow the rules of caution and when you join hands with GET Global Group, your health becomes our priority. In no small measure, the grand expansion of pandemic has dented the oil and gas industry and it also reflects sluggish recovery. However, surviving the new normal is possible, tapping the right opportunities is possible, taking necessary precautions on sites is possible, growing together is possible and recovering the global economy is possible as well. We know that this industry will face slower growth in comparison with the rest of the industries. It may also take a considerable amount to cross the recovery stage. However, we also know that it is the Oil and Gas Industry that is the key to open the lock to the revival of the global economy.

In no small measure, the coronavirus pandemic has given a hit to the oil and gas industry but at the same time, it has tailored opportunities for it to hit a pause button, take urgent action to shape a stronger, resilient and sustainable future. Get Global Group will keep you updated on further important information. Furthermore, if you have any queries you can reach out to us at an ease. We are merely one tap away.

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